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Business T-Shirt Tips To Help You Make The Most Of These Investments!

Summer is a great time of year to invest in business t-shirt orders!

Custom apparel will always go a long way when it comes to boosting your brand awareness

All of us at ARES Sportswear have helped countless businesses across America when it comes to designing and implementing brand-specific images and business t-shirt designs that are oriented towards boosting customer engagement and popularity. Many business shirts we design also help build better connections with company employees as well.

Every business these days should have their own t-shirts or custom apparel of some kind, and our design specialists can help you navigate through our business apparel and develop the impactful designs that your professional team needs.

Below we’ll be going over some of the considerations that we’ll put forth while you’re designing your business t-shirts, as well as other tips to help you make the very most of these fun investments! 

Understanding Your Custom Apparel Requirements & Planning Accordingly

The first consideration to keep in mind while planning out your company’s next custom apparel order is the apparel’s immediate need. Some business apparel is occasion-based, whereas other professional clothing is more of a regular uniform, so it’s important to initially understand what your intentions are for your new t-shirts and how they’ll be best utilized.

The following points will go a long way in helping you thoroughly understand the main goals of your business apparel investment:

  • Purpose: This refers to whether the apparel will function as a company uniform, or more like casual attire for employees/customers/fans.
  • Potential Wearing Frequency: It’s also important to consider how often or how long you think your employees will be wearing your new t-shirts. If the shirts are primarily intended for events, you can keep fancier designs in mind; whereas regular usage shirts should keep breathability and durability as top priorities.
  • Worker Types: You’ll also need to differentiate the types of workers that will be wearing specific shirts, because it’s often a good idea to create unique designs for each hierarchical position.
  • Your Budget: Your custom apparel budget is of course another major factor to keep in mind when you’re in the initial stages of designing your new business shirts. It can sometimes be hard to fully understand how much you should invest in your company’s custom apparel, and our experts will help you find a happy medium that keeps the above considerations in mind!

Perfecting Your Design Layout

Once we’ve thoroughly planned out your custom apparel strategies, we’ll then begin the design planning process. This is where you’ll prepare your brand’s image and other conceptual highlights that make your business shirts stand out!

Below are some main focal points to keep in mind while perfecting the design layout of your custom business shirts:

  • Style & Imagery: Your shirt’s style should coincide directly with your brand’s main message, as well as your specific target audience. You should also consider targeting specific wearers based upon your shirt’s concept, which is often directly connected to your products/services.
  • Design Placements: The specific placements of your t-shirt’s design is also a major consideration to keep in mind, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to design/logo placement. The good news is that our design team will help you narrow down your best options and explain why certain locations could work well for your unique needs.
  • Shirt Colors: We all know how colors play a major role in terms of adding personality to a t-shirt, which is why you’ll need to keep color as a top priority while you’re in the initial stages of your design process. It’s likely that you’ll want your shirt colors to coincide with your existing logo/brand colors, but our team will also help you find alternative colors that will work well within unique design opportunities as well.
  • Typography: When it comes to placing text within your t-shirt design, you’ll need to carefully keep line and letter spacing in mind while also honing in on the right font. There are certain errors that should always be avoided with business apparel typography, including wrong fonts for specific concepts, confusing font differences, and a lot more.

Be Careful While Planning & Ordering Your Business Shirt Quantities

Once we’ve perfectly designed your new business t-shirts, it’ll be time for you to place your order. Our industry experts will help you better figure out the specific quantities that work best for your needs, and we’ll also help you hone in on size ratios.

Order quantity can often be a major hassle for a lot of business leaders, but this often stressful part of the process is a breeze when you partner with the ARES team!

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ARES Sportswear is commonly known as a youth sports apparel company, but we’ve also helped countless professional businesses throughout the United States over the past 30 years. Our design team will help you figure out which products and design layouts will work best for you and your unique needs, which will go a very long way towards ensuring the best ROI on your new business shirts.

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