A Store Just For Your School's Custom Apparel

Inspired by your school, created and managed by us.

Customize hats, hoodies, tees, and more with your school’s logo. We’ll put all your apparel in one place for everyone to shop at their convenience.

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ARES, a community partner and family owned business, who understands the importance of quality products and customer service. Customers provide ideas, and ARES designs it to fit your exact need. A great company, business and partner to work with for your school apparel and much more.

—Dr. James Miller, Westland HS Principal

A T-Shirt For Every Season

Check out the handy calendar below to know when to order t-shirts for each event from prom to field trips to orientation.

what is a school store?

An online school store is a custom web page created by us for you to sell your personalized gear directly to your school.

We set up the store for you, and then all you have to do is send your personalized URL to everyone for them to purchase apparel whenever they want.

or call us at 614-618-3751


Step 1: Pick apparel.

Step 2: Send designs.

Step 3: Select sizing.

Step 4: Receive apparel!

Your Design Here Apparel

or call us at 614-618-3751

With a team store we...

With a store, you don't have to...

or call us at 614-618-3751

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