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Your Guide to Designing Team Shirts

This guide to designing team shirts will undoubtedly put you and your team on the fast track to the PERFECT jersey match!

team shirts are a great customization project!

There’s no denying that being in charge of a team’s uniforms puts people into an entire world of possibilities, and although this may sound confusing we are here to help you out!

In this article we’re going to go over the many things you should consider while building and designing team shirts and uniforms, so take it from our team of experts that the factors within this guide are crucial in terms of getting that perfect match for your team!

Your Jersey’s Base Always Depends on the Type of Team

Your first and foremost concern when it comes to designing a team’s jerseys is why your team is coming together in the first place. Are you a recreational, adult league softball team just getting out to have some fun, or are you a travel soccer team with very competitive teenagers?

Answering these initial questions will help guide you in terms of what type of apparel to search for, and the details that’ll be needed. For instance, the adult league softball team may only need matching shirts, whereas the travel soccer team will need performance tops and personalization.

Important Uniform Factors

The following are some basic factors you need to take into consideration as you’re first beginning your approach to designing team shirts:

  • The time of year of your season
  • Indoor/outdoor playing fields
  • Team’s budget
  • Competitive or recreational

If your team is competitive, then it may be best to go with performance athletic wear, which contains moisture-wicking materials. If your team is recreational, then a cotton-based jersey may be best to coincide with budget and basic aesthetics.

Personalizing Custom Jerseys

Personalization is always recommended for every uniform, and although this may seem over-the-top for some recreational teams, it goes without saying that having your own name and number on the back of your jersey will definitely help you feel more like you’re a part of a team.

And of course personalization is simply very fun! Personalized jerseys in a way make the sport feel more real and enjoyable, even if it’s only recreational, and enjoying yourselves is what playing sports is all about!

Of course when it comes to budget and overall interest, if your team isn’t feeling like going the personalization route then you should more than likely just try to meet minimum requirements. Your league will provide guidelines in terms of what your uniforms should look like, but our experts will always be there for you every step of the way to accommodate your league’s requirements.

Do You Need Home and Away Jerseys?

You may not need home and away jerseys within an adult recreational league, but if you’re in a rather large adult league then you may need to have an alternative color. Having a second jersey is also a good idea if you play more than once per week for hygiene purposes!

But if you do need an alternative jersey, it’s up to you in terms of which color you’d like to go with. Sometimes it’s a cool idea to invert the colors of your primary jersey, and other times it’s perfectly fine to go with a basic white jersey. White jerseys are always great in terms of providing a strong contrast from any other color, which is why the pros typically choose white!

Do You Need Words, Graphics or Both?

Style should always be a pretty big factor when it comes to designing team shirts, so beyond personalization and color you should provide something that says this is who we are.

Graphics and words are typically good design methods, but your decision in this regard will primarily depend upon the overall aesthetic style your team is going for.

Using Graphics: The right graphic can make all the difference in terms of the tonality your team is going for with a jersey. Mascots are always a good consideration to think about, but no matter what style of graphic you choose you’ll want to make sure that it represents your team’s style of play and is sized appropriately!

Using Words: Deciding to go with words as opposed to a graphic can always work out well, but you should be sure that you’re choosing a font that works well with your team name and sport. A good idea is to look at some pro fonts within your sport and choose one similar to the big leagues!

Using Both: Sometimes it’s hard to choose between words and graphics, so why not simply choose both? Just remember that you need to balance the overall design of your team shirts.

Ask The Team To Determine Style

You should reach out to your teammates in order to fully know what type of style everyone prefers most. Some of the style considerations to think about include:

  • Modern and bold
  • A more traditional appearance
  • Wild and wacky designs
  • A mixture of everything above

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