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Ares Sportswear Is Championing School Diversity & Inclusion Movements

Ares Sportswear is at the forefront of championing school diversity & inclusion movements by providing apparel that can be customized with as many colors as you want. This provides students, faculty, and other members of the school community with the opportunity to express their identities in a meaningful way. With this advancement in custom printing, Ares Sportswear is helping to create a more inclusive environment for all.

The Need for Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

As we strive to create a more equitable environment for all students, it is becoming increasingly important to foster an inclusive learning space. This is why many schools are implementing initiatives to increase their diversity and inclusivity. A key element of these programs is recognizing the unique experiences of all students and creating a safe space for them to express their individuality.

In Hilliard, OH, the schools are already working to implement these programs to promote inclusivity for all backgrounds, and we here at ARES are excited to share that we have been able to help this program by offering apparel that comes in every color. The CEO of Ares, Mike Campbell, recently sat down with the Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Hilary Sloat, to discuss this in the video below:

How Ares Sportswear Is Helping

Ares Sportswear is committed to helping these schools reach their goals by providing the latest in printing technology that can accurately produce an unlimited range of colors. Our innovative equipment makes it easy to create unique, multicolored designs that accurately represent the diversity of a school’s student body. For example, we recently had a school request customized apparel for its Diversity and Inclusion Day. We were able to produce high-quality t-shirts with multiple colors and intricate patterns that truly expressed the spirit of the school’s event. The results were incredibly impressive and showed how much potential there is for more diverse and inclusive apparel designs.

Take a look at the Hilliard school store we helped to create and open at the link below:

Are you ready to create apparel that represents the diverse backgrounds of the students at your school? ARES Sportswear is here to help! Use the live chat feature on our website to get started right now on your order when you talk to a real, live person. Or, click the button below to submit a form to get started on your own apparel.

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