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Ares made the Inc. 5000 List

Ares Sportswear was honored to be put on the Inc. 5000 list, being recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies based in Ohio. CEO of Ares, Mike Campbell (pictured left), shook hands with Lt. Governor Jon Husted (pictured right) at a banquet, recognizing the founders and CEOs of the companies that made the list.

We are excited for you to join our company as we continue to grow! See our available job positions below.

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We value a positive attitude over a title. 

We believe people with “can do” attitudes will learn to do anything well if given the proper mentoring and time. We are often willing to bring in someone green and teach them the ropes. With 50 employees, the company is big enough to provide ample opportunities, but small enough that every position matters. Our employees care deeply about the health and success of our business.

Where do you want to work?
Account management
  • You talk to customers, help customers, support customers. Most of our customers are coaches and teachers!
  • Willingness to work your way up. This job is hard work, but it pays off for those that are dedicated!
  • It is a great job for Sports Marketing Majors.
To apply for this position, visit this link: https://jupiterwpstaging.eastus2.cloudapp.azure.com/hiring-account-managers/

  • You make sure the business is profitably successful.
  • The main requirement for working in the accounting department is intellectual curiosity and an accounting degree.
To apply for this position, please fill out the form below.  

Production Associate: Screenprint & Embroidery Departments
  • We will teach you, no experience is necessary.
  • We typically start people out as a runner, which means you will work in receiving, staging, and print support before we teach you to run the equipment.
  • If you are someone who wants to learn how a whole business works, this is a good fit.
  • ARES Sportswear has been the largest production shop in central Ohio for over 20 years. We offer superior pay and superior benefits.
To apply for this position, please fill out the form below.

Logistics and warehouse
  • Receiving, staging, and shipping are the lifeblood of the operation.
  • We look for people who are accurate and have great attention to detail.
  • If you have an interest in learning logistics, lean manufacturing, and six sigma that is a big plus. We will teach you.
To apply for this position, please fill out the form below.

  • Currently the only way to get into our marketing department is to start in one of the other positions mentioned above. The best way to market our business is to understand our business. And, we believe the best way to understand our business is to work in our business.
Part Time Jobs at ARES Sportswear
  • Even if you only have a few hours per day to give to us you can contribute.
  • This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home parents to get out of the house for a few hours, earn some money, and contribute to a small business!
To apply for this position, please fill out the form below.

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