A Quick Guide To Taking Care Of Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered shirts are a somewhat complicated type of apparel, so knowing how to take care of them is important in terms of ensuring longevity!

embroidered shirts are huge with hockey teams and many of Ares Sportswear's clients!

Embroidered shirts are definitely a very desired design throughout the entire custom apparel industry, and this is partly because embroidery indicates an extreme attention to detail that speaks volumes in terms of professionalism and an official appearance. There’s always an incredible appeal for embroidered apparel for high school sports teams, corporate teams and all of Ares Sportswear’s clientele, which is exactly why we’re so proud to provide state-of-the-art custom embroidery technology!

Whenever someone first looks at an embroidered shirt or piece of apparel it’s natural to think the following:

  • Wow, that looks fantastic!
  • AND, How can I make sure to keep this clean?

The truth is that there aren’t all that many differences from embroidered apparel to regular clothes when it comes to taking proper care of them, and that’s partly because all of our embroidery is very durable and can always be put into washing machines and dryers.

However there’s no denying how countless people enjoy going the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their apparel, especially in terms of custom embroidered shirts. On this page we’re going to go over some of our expert tips in terms of taking extra good care of all your embroidered apparel items, which will undoubtedly be great information for you as you prepare to order these shirts for any bulk orders.

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Soak, Don’t Scrub

If your embroidered apparel gets stained in any way, it may feel natural to want to scrub the stain out. It’s important to understand that this could actually do more harm than good for the embroidery’s overall durability!

Using any kind of brush to effectively scrub out certain stains and rub fabric together can actually end up seriously damaging your embroidery’s fibers and threads. This can end up leading to a fuzzy appearance that can take away from the original aesthetics of the apparel. So instead of scrubbing out your embroidered shirt stains, it’s always best to be patient within these scenarios and take the necessary time to effectively soak the stain out of the fibers.

The best way to soak your embroidered garments is to gently press them down into a clean sink, or any other type of basin. If your piece of apparel floats, then you’ll want to make sure it’s weighed down so it’s deep in the soaking solution. One way to weigh down your apparel in a sink is by utilizing a water-filled jug, but if this type of soaking doesn’t work then it may be necessary to swirl and swish the apparel around in the cleaning solution to ensure the stain is adequately encountering enough of the solution.

Carefully Hand Wash Your Embroidered Apparel

Like we mentioned above, it’s always best to utilize a very clean sink or other type of basin when it comes to hand washing your embroidered apparel. It’s important to not have any other residue from other cleaning products in your cleaning solution, as this could potentially cause more damage to your clothes!

When you’ve noticed that your apparel item has finished washing and it’s time to rinse out all of the soap or cleaning solution, it’s important to not wring or twist the embroidered apparel’s fabric. All you’ll need to do is simply move the item gently around in clean water and then allow it to rinse naturally.

One good method for this type of rinsing is to let the embroidered garment sit in clean water for about ten minutes, and then empty the sink or basin and refill it again with fresh water so the apparel can rinse again. You’ll essentially keep repeating this process until you’re sure that the water in the sink/basin and your garment are completely free of soap.

Be Sure To Not Store Your Starched Apparel

There’s nothing quite like having a beautiful, starched embroidered polo shirt to wear to school, work, or on the golf course. You may like utilizing starch, but starching any embroidered apparel prior to placing it in your closet could actually end up doing more harm to the garment than good.

Starch tends to harden clothing fabric fibers, which subsequently makes the fibers much more prone to damage when a clothing item is stored or folded for long time periods. Certain natural starches are also known for attracting insects, which could potentially make your starched embroidered shirt appear as a yummy snack!

This is why it’s always important to only starch your items when you know you’re ready to wear it out. This will ultimately help give you that very professional aesthetic that you enjoy, while also assisting the overall longevity of your embroidered apparel.

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