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Popular Spirit Wear And Custom Apparel For Basketball Teams

Basketball teams are known for sporting awesome spirit wear and custom apparel, and here are our most popular options!

basketball custom apparel and spirit wear is big at ARES Sportswear

ARES Sportswear provides a unique inventory of spirit wear and custom apparel that’s oriented towards basketball teams, and some of our most popular brands include the likes of Under Armour, Holloway, Jerzees and much more.

But no matter what brands or aesthetics your team is looking for, we’ll be able to help you be prepared for game days and practice sessions. There’s no doubt about it that ARES offers one of the very best combinations of both quality and affordability for all of our team campaigns, and on this page we’re going to be showcasing some of our most popular options for both boys and girls basketball programs.

Our Design Team Will Support You Through Every Step Of Developing Your Basketball Team’s Custom Apparel And Spirit Wear

All of us at ARES Sportswear take a lot of pride in promoting originality and creativity when it comes to the design process for custom basketball jerseys and spirit wear.

We understand how there’s absolutely no room for mediocrity when it comes to making statements with warm-ups, uniforms and practice jerseys; and that standing out in the crowd is a big part of what helps boost the confidence of all sports teams. This is exactly why our design team will always strive to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, and work directly with you to make sure that you’re on the same page as we develop the perfect custom apparel campaign for your team.

One of the most exciting parts of any custom apparel campaign is the design process, and when you work with ARES you can be rest assured that some of the very best apparel designers in the industry have you and your basketball team’s back!

Our Most Popular Spirit Wear And Custom Apparel For Boys Basketball Teams

Our Boys Basketball page provides a ton of information when it comes to some of our most popular design templates and custom apparel options, and the following are some of the apparel products that you and your team should keep in mind!

Under Armour Long Sleeve Locker 2.0 Tee $22.99 ea.*

This is a really popular Under Armour practice shirt that looks great with any team’s logo and colors, and it’s also really great for basketball in particular because it’s moisture-wicking.

Every team needs a good look at practice and off the court, and this is a really affordable, stylish way for basketball teams to look and feel great while training!

Tourney Heather Sleeveless Colorblock Hoodie $11.49 ea.*

What’s great about this sleeveless hoodie is that it does a great job at keeping basketball players warm, while not being too much. This is of course really important as players are resting on the bench and would like to maintain their body heat, while at the same time not over heating like what can happen with many other types of warm-ups!

This hoodie also just so happens to come in at a really great price that you won’t be able to match anywhere else when it comes to custom sleeveless hoodies.

ARES Super Soft Sportie Hoodie $17.99 ea*

ARES’ very own sportie hoodie is wildly popular amongst all athletic teams, and this includes basketball teams.

Basketball is played during some of the coldest months of the year, so naturally basketball teams should provide hoodies to keep players warm while they’re off the court. Representing your team during your daily life through a high-quality sportie hoodie can always help when it comes to boosting team morale and player/fan engagement!

Gildan Heavy Cotton Tee $5.59 ea*

You really can’t get a better deal when it comes to a basic spirit wear option for basketball teams than with this tee, and we’re more than confident that every team will really enjoy these comfortable shirts from Gildan that are also budget-friendly.

Some of the other popular custom apparel options for boys basketball teams include:

Our Most Popular Spirit Wear And Custom Apparel For Girls Basketball Teams

Our Girls Basketball page is equally as stacked with high-quality custom apparel options for any team, and the following are some of the most popular options found within this page:

Holloway Ladies Electrify 2.0 Shirt $16.99 ea*

This is a great option for any ladies basketball team as a practice and warm-up shirt, and what’s awesome about this particular option is that it comes in 13 different colors.

There are also 6 different sizes with this shirt, and it’s an extremely comfortable polyester knit that provides a great range of motion!

Under Armour Women’s Locker 2.0 Tee $22.99 ea*

This shirt is 100% polyester and is also very moisture-wicking like Under Armour is famous for. But what’s also great about this shirt is that it’s really comfortable and stretches great for the necessary amount of mobility for basketball practices and warm-ups.

Like with boys basketball teams, this Under Armour shirt is a staple for countless girls teams!

Jerzees Nublend Crewneck Sweatshirt $11.99 ea*

This crewneck sweatshirt is extremely comfortable, and it’s wildly popular amongst basketball teams as a comfy alternative to more performance-based warm-ups.

And at $11.99 prior to customization, you really can’t go wrong when you add this into your team’s custom apparel campaign!

Under Armour Women’s Hustle Pant $32.99 ea*

Sweatpants are always a must in any basketball’s team apparel campaign, and this Under Armour option just so happens to be one of the most popular sweatpants throughout the entire ARES inventory.

Under Armour always does a great job on making sure that their sweatpants are easy to workout and play hard in, and this is always a good thing to wear when you’re on your way to the game and warming up during your pre-game routines!

Augusta Ladies Medalist 2.0 Jacket $25.49 ea*

This full-zip jacket is a great option for basketball players because it’s so easy to take on and off, which is many times necessary during a game. They also just so happen to look fantastic and can match any team’s colors and logo aesthetics.

Some of the other popular options within our girls basketball page include the following:

Reach Out To The Custom Apparel Specialists At ARES Sportswear To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Basketball Team!

ARES Sportswear has been supporting countless basketball teams and leagues for almost 30 years, and we’ll always be more than happy to speak directly with you about how we can support your team via a spirit wear and custom apparel campaign.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 to get in touch with our industry experts who will answer all of your questions about how we can support your basketball team!

*Pricing is before adding art or decorations

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