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Why School Groups Can Benefit From Custom T-Shirts

ARES Sportswear supports all sorts of different school groups with high-quality custom t-shirts!

custom t-shirts for school groups

All of us at ARES Sportswear are very proud to provide custom t-shirts of all kinds to many schools throughout Central Ohio and the entire country. Custom t-shirts are always a fun way for students to bond together and look/feel great, and they also are very important when it comes to improving student safety while on field trips and boosting school spirit.

And when it comes to bringing athletes together, custom t-shirts just so happen to be an easy and affordable way to make teams gel during practice sessions and off the field!

As a leading custom apparel company, we’ve done our best to make sure that your t-shirt customization and ordering process is as seamless as possible. Our design interface makes it easy for you to select your favorite t-shirt options and colors, and then quickly implement your school logo and design elements. Ordering custom t-shirts has never been easier than today with the ARES team, and you can always contact us online to get in touch with our experts and learn more about how we can support your school group with high-quality custom t-shirts.

Below we’ll be going over some of the common reasons why school groups invest in custom tees!

Custom T-Shirts Make Field Trips Much Safer

Field trips are always wonderful learning experiences for students because they allow school groups to explore their community and obtain knowledge outside of the classroom, but from a school administrator’s perspective it’s absolutely critical to keep student safety as a top priority during field trips. Whether your school group is elementary or high school students, custom t-shirts will be important to ensure the overall safety of your field trips.

Older students are many times provided the opportunity to explore on their own during field trips, so custom t-shirts will make it much easier to spot your students in a large crowd. It’s also highly recommended for teachers and chaperons to wear unique custom t-shirts that make them easy to find during field trips as well.

Small children will benefit from brightly colored shirts, because this will help supervisors better notice when a student strays away from the group. After all, when your students are wearing the same color it makes it a lot easier to keep track of them!

If you’re not interested in bright colors, then we recommend using your school’s colors for your custom t-shirts. This is because your custom t-shirts should also promote school spirit and recognition while your students are exploring throughout your community.

Organizing Sports Teams

Whether you’re coaching a youth basketball program or a high school football team, you can count on the ARES Sportswear specialists for your custom t-shirt printing. Custom sports apparel is known to do wonders for team morale, because even practice shirts will make student athletes feel like they’re a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

Custom t-shirts will bring your sports teams together during training sessions because simply wearing similar shirts will consistently remind athletes that they’re all working together towards a common goal. Custom tees will also be a great way to spread school spirit off campus as well.

Athletes on the same team will inevitably be spending a lot of time together both on and off the field, so custom apparel can help your student athletes bond and play better during the big games!

Promote Your School’s Culture With Casual/Club Fridays

A lot of schools have adopted school uniforms in recent years, and these schools are particularly in need of Casual Fridays to break away from the khakis and polo shirts that everyone wears on a daily basis. A great idea in this type of scenario is to allow your students to wear their school group shirts instead of their regular uniform apparel, which will then lead to an eclectic blend of t-shirts showcasing the many styles and culture of your student body. This concept will also provide an extra incentive for your students to join school groups as well!

Having a weekly “Spirit Day” is something that every school can benefit from no matter what your apparel requirements are, because giving your students an opportunity to showcase their interests within their groups is a great way to promote your school’s overall culture.

And at a certain point, why should you stop with just your students? You’ll be surprised by how much parents love to showcase their school spirit as well through custom t-shirts!

Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Custom Apparel Experts To Learn More About How We Can Support Your School Groups With High-Quality Custom T-Shirts!

ARES Sportswear has helped countless schools throughout Central Ohio and the entire country with custom apparel of all types, and we’ll be more than happy to give your school groups a morale boost through our high-quality products.

Contact us online to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you and your school today!

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