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Check Out Our Most Popular Custom Bags That Are Great For Every Team!

Although there are many accessories that your team needs, custom bags are one of the most popular!

custom bags from ARES Sportswear

Every athletic program and team needs a whole variety of accessories to go along with their uniforms, warm-ups and other custom apparel, but by far the most popular of these accessories is custom bags. There are all sorts of reasons why your team may need bags for gear and other equipment, and customization from ARES Sportswear will make it much easier for every player to know which bags belong to one another.

Every sport has unique storage needs for the athletes and coaches, which is why we’re very proud of our vast selection of bags that can support every team. Below are some of our most popular custom bags:

Port Authority Shoe Bag, $2.49 ea.*

A lot of athletes need to bring at least a couple pairs of shoes to each game and practice, and this particularly applies to sports that require special shoes like soccer, football, volleyball, basketball and much more. This small, 100% cotton shoe bag from Port Authority is a great, affordable option for every team that wants to have customized shoe bags.

Making sure that your athletes are properly taking care of their most important shoes is actually incredibly crucial, and it can even make the difference in the big games!

Port Authority Honeycomb Sling Pack, $6.49 ea.*

What’s great about Port Authority’s sling pack is that it holds the perfect shape and compartments to carry a good amount of gear that every athlete may need. Although it’s smaller than most two-strapped backpacks, it’s still a lightweight, affordable option that’s made of a durable polyester to withstand the elements during practices and training sessions.

Champro Personal Gear Bag 20”12”X12”, $19.99 ea.*

As all coaches and parents know very well, most youth athletes really need a large gear bag to store their things in. This type of bag is particularly important for teams that travel for whole weekends at a time or longer, because this bag is large enough to store gameday gear and athleisure apparel for down times.

This bag features a shoulder strap to make it easier to transport, and it’s also made from a water-resistant 600D polyester fabric that can handle rainy days when the bags need to be left outside.

Port Authority Stadium Seat, $18.99 ea.*

Although these stadium seats are mainly purchased by parents of athletes, they’re still a really good idea for schools and athletic programs to keep in mind for their custom apparel needs.

After all, if your parents are going to need stadium seats to stay comfy during the game, then they might as well rep your team’s logo and designs!

HighFive Training Bag, $22.99 ea.*

This training bag is undoubtedly one of the best in the entire ARES inventory, and it’s also made from 600D polyester for incredible durability. With 22”x12” dimensions, you can also know that your athletes will have plenty of room to store their gear.

This bag also comes in 9 different color options, so we’ll have you covered when you’re trying to match your team’s colors!

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 MD, $31.99 ea.*

Under Armour is known for their incredible, moisture-wicking apparel, and this duffle bag features UA Storm technology that is incredibly tough against water and all sorts of elements that your team’s bags may face during tournaments and training sessions.

This bag truly is the cream of the crop when it comes to large-sized duffle bags oriented towards athletes, and getting your Under Amour bags through ARES Sportswear will surely get your team the very best deal possible!

Adidas Utility LAX Backpack Duffel, $74.99 ea.*

Lacrosse just so happens to be the outdoor sport that requires the most amount of gear, which is why every lacrosse player is going to need a high-quality bag to store their pads, stick and other gear while they prepare for games and practices.

This bag from Adidas is specifically tailored for lacrosse teams, and it also features a media pocket that a lot of athletes like because it provides a safe place to store car keys, phones, wallets and other personal items.

Contact The ARES Sportswear Team To Learn More About Our Custom Bags!

ARES Sportswear has been a custom apparel leader throughout the United States for nearly 30 years, so we know just how popular custom bags have become for every team.

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our custom apparel specialists to learn more about how we can help you narrow down your best options for your team’s new custom bags!

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