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Introducing 2022’s Latest Athleisure Trend: Earthleisure Apparel!

We’ve stayed on the ball with athleisure trends over the years, and 2022’s newest trend is Earthleisure apparel!

the sportie hoodie is one of our most popular athleisure custom apparel options

There have been several industry-changing trends when it comes to athleisure apparel in recent years, and the latest trend in 2022 is taking an eco-conscious trajectory with Earthleisure apparel. Of course we understand that you may be wondering what is Earthleisure apparel anyway, which is why we’ve developed this blog oriented around explaining what this clothing is all about and how it can be a part of your team’s upcoming custom apparel campaigns!

Earthleisure wear is very similar to athleisure clothing when it comes to overall coziness, comfort, breathability and performance, but what differentiates Earthleisure apparel is that it’s all made with eco-friendly materials. Earthleisure apparel is also developed in sustainable manufacturing facilities, which helps countless people feel much better about their apparel investments.

Earthleisure is all about keeping things comfortable and casual just like athleisure apparel, so you can be rest assured that you and your athletes will feel good while wearing this type of clothing. It’s safe to say that many athleisure brands have fostered sustainable manufacturing practices and utilize eco-friendly materials, but Earthleisure goes above and beyond to make sure that our planet is being kept in mind during every stage of the development process.

And all of us at ARES Sportswear proudly believe that playing, working and relaxing feels better when you’re doing and wearing the right thing!

What Exactly Is Earthleisure Apparel Anyway?

From cozy hoodies and fleece sweatshirts to classic tees and joggers, Earthleisure apparel is all about providing a comfy fit that’s also kind to the environment. Some of the most popular Earthleisure materials include the following:

  • Cotton Grown In The USA: A lot of people may not realize this, but around two-thirds of all the cotton produced in America is developed solely through rainfall. This means that there isn’t any other supplemental irrigation that’s bad for the environment while developing this apparel material.
  • Recycled Polyester: More apparel brands have invested in Earthleisure manufacturing throughout recent years, and recycled polyester just so happens to be a great way to reduce waste and make great athletic apparel! There’s a pretty significant difference between virgin and recycled polyester, and the new Earthleisure trend is all about using recycled materials as much as possible.
  • TENCEL™ Modal: TENCEL™ Modal fibers derive from beech wood, and the pulp-to-fiber extraction process makes this material very eco-conscious. This fiber is known for its overall flexibility, as well as its softness.

How Your Team or Business Can Support The Earthleisure Wear Movement

ARES Sportswear is fully committed to being a green-conscious company for decades to come, and we understand that this means doing our part to keep our friends and partners aware of the latest eco-friendly apparel trends. You’ll be more than surprised by the overall quality of Earth-friendly apparel products, and our custom apparel specialists will help you better determine which Earthleisure brands and products are best for you and your unique needs.

So reach out to us online to get in touch with our team today and learn more about Earthleisure apparel!

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