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What Exactly Is A Tri-Blend T-Shirt?

Tri-blend t-shirts are very popular for all sorts of athletic teams, and here’s why!

Augusta Triblend T-shirts

As the name of tri-blend t-shirts implies, these shirts are comprised of three different types of fabric: polyester, cotton and rayon. Tri-blend shirts have grown tremendously in popularity throughout recent years, and it’s likely that you and your athletes will fall in love with this fabric blend for training sessions, workouts, and all sorts of athletic purposes.

Below we’ll be going over some of the details about why tri-blend t-shirts are great for all athletic teams!

Each Fabric In A Tri-Blend Shirt Serves A Specific Purpose

Tri-blend shirts and athletic apparel offer unparalleled fabric combinations of cotton, polyester and rayon, and there’s a reason why these three fabrics are traditionally blended together.

Cotton is important within the tri-blend because it helps make the t-shirt more durable and breathable, which then makes it more comfortable for athletes to train in.

Polyester helps these shirts dry much faster, which is why many people will conveniently hang-dry these shirts after washing. Polyester also helps with the shirt’s overall durability as well.

Rayon is an important fabric within a tri-blend because it helps ensure that the shirt drapes correctly, which is important because it helps any piece of apparel fit better for various body types.

Custom tri-blend shirts are usually very soft and are typically comprised of 50% polyester, 25% rayon and 25% cotton, which ends up creating a really comfy material that’s great for athletes when they’re working out for long hours. Tri-blends are also less likely to shrink as compared to other shirts, so you can always put your tri-blend shirts in your dryer when you’re in more of a rush to wear it again!

What Are Tri-Blend Shirts Used For?

One of the best features of tri-blend shirts is that they’re very flexible and capable of stretching with athletes as they move. Whether your team is doing agility training, weightlifting, running or jumping exercises, tri-blend shirts will provide the range of motion that’s needed to keep your squad going big! And what’s great about tri-blends is that they’ll always keep their original shape, so your athletes won’t need to worry about any kind of discomfort as they’re intensely maneuvering around.

It’s likely that you’ll notice the heathered appearance of tri-blend shirts when you compare them to 100% cotton shirts, but it’s important to know that this type of heathered appearance doesn’t impact the shirt’s custom designs! A lot of teams will choose screenprinted designs for their tri-blend shirts, and this is because these designs hold up well and look great!

Popular Tri-Blend Shirt Options From ARES Sportswear

Although we have many different types of tri-blend shirts within our online inventory, the following are some of our most popular options:

  • And much more!

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