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Five Reasons Why Promotional Apparel Is So Effective!

Promotional apparel is important for more than just businesses, and the ARES team is here to make the most of your custom apparel!

Custom apparel will always go a long way when it comes to boosting your brand awareness

All of us at ARES Sportswear love helping our clients with promotional apparel campaigns, and this is partly because we understand just how important this type of custom apparel is for the bottom lines of businesses.

Promotional apparel products are either sold or given away for free, and they always include a company’s logo, name and any other slogan messages. Although promotional apparel usually comes in the form of t-shirts, it really can include anything within our vast online inventory.

Below we’ll be going over five important reasons why promotional apparel is so effective for our business clients!

1. The Psychology of Reciprocity

Understanding a customer base has a lot to do with basic psychology, because understanding a potential customer’s mindset always goes a long way towards increasing sales.

The psychological principle of reciprocity is oriented around the instinctual tendency to give and receive, which directly correlates to our hard-wiring to return favors.

Promotional apparel (particularly when given away) can help potential customers feel as though they should buy products/services from you, or spread the word about your business to their friends and acquaintances.

2. Developing Loyalty & A Sense of Accomplishment

When it comes to developing a sense of accomplishment via promotional apparel, a common example would be giving away or selling shirts that make people feel a little bit more appreciated. Every business should do their part in making people feel more appreciated, and this added appreciation creates loyalty.

Loyalty is a huge topic in today’s workplace, which is why employers need to make their employees feel like their jobs are increasingly meaningful. Giving away promotional apparel to employees is a great idea for Christmas gifts, and it can help your team be more cohesive going into 2023!

3. Limitless Impressions

What’s incredible about promotional apparel is that it lasts so much longer as compared to conventional/digital advertisements, or any other type of ad campaign.

The more durable your promotional apparel is, the longer people will continue to wear it on a daily basis. This then leads to an endless amount of impressions, which does a great job at boosting brand awareness and recognition!

4. Improved Brand Awareness

Your customers will always remember your brand when they wear your promotional apparel, and even simply seeing your logo in their closet will remind them of you and your team.

Promotional apparel is essentially free marketing as well, because when people wear your products during their daily routines, they become like walking billboards for your brand!

5. The Empathy Associated With Promotional Apparel

People simply love promotional apparel, partly because it’s often given away for free. And this is why the message connected to your promotional apparel is so important.

You’re going to want to instill a sense of thank you with this type of apparel, and show that you care about your employees and customers. This type of gesture goes a long way when it comes to appealing to people’s core values, which then in turn goes back to the psychology of reciprocity that makes people want to associate themselves with your brand.

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