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Four Custom T-Shirt Trends That Are Sure To Skyrocket In 2023!

2023 is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about custom t-shirt trends for your team’s next orders!

Custom t-shirts

As 2023 approaches, it’s time for coaches, business leaders and school administrators to once again catch up with the latest trends permeating throughout the custom apparel industry. Everyone wants to bring new styles to their apparel orders this time of year, and here at ARES Sportswear, our team of experts will help you do just that.

One garment that’s typically changing with new ideas all the time is the custom t-shirt, and our design team has been scouring the Internet to see what new changes are on the horizon when it comes to custom shirts.

We all know just how versatile custom shirts are when it comes to apparel campaigns of all types, and below are four of the custom t-shirt design trends that are sure to skyrocket in 2023!

1. Interactive Customization Processes

The rise of online retailers has made it a lot easier for everyone to invest in custom apparel, and ARES Sportswear has been one of the most affordable options for teams of all types for many years.

We’ve seen dramatic increases in the number of custom t-shirt orders in the past couple years, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. And one of the features that our clients love is our Design Studio, which allows anyone to play around with their shirt customization all on their own.

The ARES Design Studio is one of the best interactive customization tools in today’s marketplace, partly because we also offer a wide selection of design templates and ideas to help make things even easier for you.

We want you and your team to be able to fully express yourselves during your custom t-shirt customization process, and our specialists will always be there for you when you have any questions/concerns that need to be addressed.

So customizing t-shirts has never been more fun, and 2023 will likely see even more people choosing the Design Studio to get creative with their next orders!

2. Retro T-Shirt Designs & Prints

Although it seems as if retro t-shirt designs and prints will never truly go out of style, it’s safe to say that they’re going to climb in popularity in 2023. These classic designs are a great option for every school, business or team. Next year’s retro prints will likely feature brighter colors and minimalist illustrations.

Vintage images and faded tones that look like they’re from the 80s will still be wildly popular in 2023, but many design teams are scaling back on graphics and logos in terms of sizing. This means you’ll more likely see logos positioned in one corner of a shirt, as opposed to taking up the entire front of the shirt.

3. Sustainable Custom T-Shirts

People everywhere are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprints, and this includes an increased understanding of their custom apparel’s overall impact on the environment. This is why many custom apparel businesses like ARES Sportswear are going above and beyond to provide sustainable t-shirt brands and customization processes that help teams and brands be more transparent about their eco-conscious standards.

Ethically and sustainably sourced shirts are now all the rage, and these t-shirts are often made of materials like hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester and bamboo. Many sustainable shirts will also feature plant-based dyes that don’t use any harmful chemicals, and don’t require excessive water usage. Some of these natural dyes include cochineal, indigo and turmeric.

4. Band & Music-Themed Custom Shirts

2022 was a huge comeback year for the music industry, and this has led to more people purchasing music and band shirts. It’s likely that band t-shirts will make an even bigger comeback in 2023, and this includes high school band and music-themed shirts as well.

So even though the most famous bands will likely see merchandise sales increases next year, the same will go for all music-themed shirts that schools and other organizations can get behind!

Contact The ARES Design Experts To Learn More Industry Trends For 2023!

ARES Sportswear has remained on the cutting edge of our industry for nearly 30 years, and we’ll be there for you when you want your next custom t-shirt order to coincide with the latest trends.

Contact us online to quickly get in touch with our design experts today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your next t-shirt order!

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