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The Overall Importance Of Disposable Masks For Schools, Businesses And Other Public Areas

Although reusable masks are very handy, it’s important for countless businesses and institutions to provide disposable masks this fall and into the winter!

disposable masks are a big part of how Ares Sportswear is fighting the COVID-19 virus this fall.

The COVID-19 outbreak has clearly spread all throughout the entirety of the United States this summer, and this has prompted countless individuals and commercial entities to utilize face masks to support the overall prevention of spreading the virus.

We’ve all come to recognize just how important it is for a minimum of 90% of people in any public area to wear facial coverage, and how there always seems to be a significant amount of people who choose to not wear masks in public areas for any type of extraneous reasoning. To put it simply there is no school, business or public area that can rely upon people to wear their own masks, which is exactly why providing disposable masks is becoming increasingly important for so many.

Ares Sportswear has continuously been on the front lines of combating the coronavirus pandemic since last spring when the USA’s infection rate skyrocketed, and now we are taking the next step in providing affordable, bulk orders of disposable masks that we are confident can help schools and businesses remain inclusive while maintaining their civic duties to minimize their local infection rates.

Understanding the Importance of Providing Disposable Masks to Students and Customers

We understand how many of our clients know the importance of wearing and regularly washing re-usable masks, and our custom masks and face coverings are really great options for the countless students and workers who want to show a little support and spirit while out in public places like schools and businesses.

But if you’re a school administrator or business owner who comes across an individual not wearing a mask, what exactly should you do? The argumentative, politically charged viral videos spreading throughout the Web are always going to be scenarios that are best to be avoided at all costs, and one of the easiest ways to avoid any kind of conflict oriented around the mask debate is to have disposable masks on hand and provide them to those who need one.

Simply having the capability to properly mitigate the spread of the virus is a part of any school district or business’ due diligence, and disposable masks are an affordable and hygienic way to do so!

Our Ongoing Disposable Mask Deals!

We are currently providing a great opportunity for schools and businesses to purchase bulk orders of disposable masks that will ultimately help mitigate COVID-19 this fall and into the winter months.

Our 3-ply disposable civil masks come in packs of 50 and each pack only costs $17.49! There’s no denying just how incredible this opportunity is for many school districts and businesses of all types, and this is partly due to the fact that so many disposable mask providers are currently price gouging to the point that disposable masks aren’t as affordable as they should be!

The demand for our disposable masks is currently very high, so we’re asking that our clients purchase a minimum of 1,000 masks (20 packs) with their orders. But it’s also important to note that after you reach 1,000 masks you can then purchase within increments of 50 (i.e. 1050, 1100, etc.)

We’re more than confident that bulk orders of disposable masks will go a very long way in terms of keeping students, faculty and employees healthy this fall. And of course this is by far everyone’s first and foremost concern going into the next school year!

Added Precautions To Take With Disposable Masks

All of our disposable masks fit tightly and can filter around 95% of airborne particles, which is subsequently highly advisable for fighting against COVID-19.

Wearing facial covering of any type is effective, but it’s absolutely critical to promote added precautionary measures to go alongside masks to help fight the spread of the virus. Some of the common precautions that all school districts and business owners should be promoting include the following:

  • Ensuring you aren’t coming in close contact with anyone who is sick
  • Avoiding any contact with your mouth, eyes or nose when your hands are unwashed
  • Avoiding going outside if feeling unwell
  • Utilizing tissues to cover up sneezing and coughing, and quickly disposing of used tissues
  • Keeping your surroundings dust-free and as clean as possible, and regularly disinfecting objects you contact on a daily basis
  • Frequently (and thoroughly) washing your hands, and having sanitizers readily available when hand washing isn’t

Promoting these hygienic principles is crucial for school districts and large business centers as summer break begins to come to a close. We’ve all seen how important it is for all of us to be cautious on an individual basis in terms of our daily routines, and these precautions only grow exponentially when you’re a part of a group that’s responsible for the wellbeing of countless students and employees!

Reach Out To The Ares Sportswear Team For More Information About Our Disposable and Customized Mask Options!

We understand how you’re likely to have some questions about our mask products, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to get in touch with one of our industry experts who can support you and your order as we all begin the necessary precautions associated with the ensuing school year.

All of us at Ares Sportswear want to keep students and faculty members as safe as possible this semester, and we’re confident that being able to provide disposable masks to many people on a daily basis will help you fulfill your civic duty to assist in ending this pandemic once and for all!

Thank You Very Much!

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